The Wensleydale Railway

Saturday 28th March 2020

Prices from: £109

Our steam hauled journey today commences at Carnforth on the edge of Morecambe Bay.

Departure Date: 28-Mar-2020
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We will journey eastwards across the Bentham Line to Hellifield and onwards through Skipton to Leeds and then York. We then continue along the East Coast Main Line to Northallerton where we will join the 22-mile long Wensleydale Railway for a run through the highly scenic Yorkshire Dales to the line’s present terminus at Redmire. This will be a rare opportunity to visit the Wensleydale line by a through steam-hauled train.

Leaving Carnforth first thing in the morning, hauled by a Carnforth pool locomotive, we will take the Bentham Line and climb through Wennington and Giggleswick to Settle Junction, where we join the former Midland Railway route to Leeds. A pause will be made at Hellifield to top up our steam locomotive’s tender before we continue onwards towards Skipton, where there will be a stop to pick up passengers. We follow the Aire Valley through Keighley towards Leeds, where a further pick up will be made. A fast sprint will follow as we make our way northwards to join up with the East Coast Main Line that will take us onwards to York.

At York, a second steam locomotive will be attached for the run to Northallerton, where we will need to reverse to join the Wensleydale line. We expect to run in ‘top and tail’ mode along the branch through the Vale of Mowbray as far as our first stop at Leyburn, where passengers have the opportunity to alight and visit the nearby attractive market town. The train will continue to the current end of the branch at Redmire, where the nearby 14th century Bolton Castle is visible on the edge of the town. After a short break in Redmire, we return to Leyburn for an afternoon break.

Apart from its railway interest in and around the station, the attractive market town of Leyburn is just a short walk away, with its small Market Square offering a number of cafes and pubs, plus quaint tourist shops in its centre.

After servicing our steam locomotives, we will return along the Wensleydale line back to Northallerton, were we will rejoin the East Coast Main Line for the run southwards back to York. Here we will reluctantly have to say goodbye to our steam locomotives and return to Carnforth with diesel traction, setting down at our earlier pick up points and thus ending a splendid day out travelling over Lancashire and Yorkshire scenic lines.

Train Fares

Fares Adult Junior Family
Premier £269 £181 £809
First £169 £110 £503
Standard £109 £76 £332

Premier Dining includes a full English breakfast and four course dinner silver served at your seat.

First Class includes morning tea or coffee with a bacon/breakfast roll and a Danish pastry and an afternoon service of tea or coffee with a savoury of the day followed by a scone with butter and jam.

Standard Class includes a reserved seat usually at a table for four.

Tables for two can be guaranteed in first class and premier dining for a supplement of £25 per person (subject to availability).

A buffet car is available and serves tea, coffee, snacks and light refreshments.

Train Timings

Approximate timings shown

Station Outward Return
Carnforth 06:20 22:40
Skipton 07:35 20:55
Leeds 08:15 20:00
York 11:00 18:15
Redmire 14:00 14:20
Leyburn 14:45 15:45