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Steam on the "Italian Trans-Siberian" railway

Brochure Enquiries - Thursday, June 21, 2018

Steam on the "Italian Trans-Siberian" railway

Thanks to our long-standing partnership and cooperation with Fondazione FS, we are pleased to bring you the remarkable opportunity to travel steam-hauled over the recently re-opened "Italian Trans-Siberian" railway in the heart of the Apennine mountains east of Rome.

Don't miss out and mark mid November 2018 in your calendar! It's a slow month in the UK and most other parts of Western Europe in terms of steam and railway related activities, but it's actually one of the very best times to visit central and southern Italy! The climate is still mild and sun-drenched, but the heat waves from the summer are gone. Also Rome is a lot more calm and less overrun at that time, making the Eternal City all the more accessible and enjoyable.

Enjoy the very best of main line steam, Mediterranean culture, plus of course the food and drink of Bella Italia! As pictures and moving images say more than mere words, feel free to immerse yourself in these videos to get a real feel for the "Italian Trans-Siberian". As you have become used to from our tours in general, our November trip will feature lots of refinement, thanks to private charter trains, quality hotels, included meals and a knowledgeable tour leader.

See for yourself below:


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