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St. Gallen - A superb Swiss destination

Brochure Enquiries - Monday, June 10, 2019

St. Gallen - A superb Swiss destination

We are always on the look-out for attractive new destinations on our Continental European holidays. Ideally, we seek out attractions that are easy to reach and offer lots of history, culture and vacationing refinement. Of course we also want our locations to be interesting from a railway point of view and offer great hotels! We pride ourselves in taking tour groups to places that can still be considered "best kept secrets" and are not overrun by mass tourism. Ultimately, such places make our stay all the more relaxing and provide genuine enrichment for everyone.


We'll, we're pleased to say that we've discovered another such location and calling it a "diamond in the rough" would not be accurate! Instead, it's a truly refined city near major lakes and beautiful mountains, lined with elegant boulevards, adorned by beautiful churches and old burgher houses and declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. Best of all, it features a magnificent railway station dating from 1915 and is within convenient striking range from major cities in Germany and Austria. Little red trains pass through the streets in tram-like fashion and wind their way up the hills to the nearby Appenzell region, while our 4-star superior hotel has a funicular at its doorstep!

If we've made you curious, come see historic St. Gallen with us. Our next departure is this year's tour to the Lake Constance region of Eastern Switzerland, Western Austria and Southern Germany for excursions by land and lake, on steam trains, vintage vessels and fabulous mountain railways. For full details view this link and see the videos below for more measures of inspiration. Of course St. Gallen will also prominently feature on more future tours to Eastern Switzerland, with the Bodensee and Appenzell regions.

It's refinement and careful destination selection, as you could only expect it from The Railway Touring Company.

Visit the St. Gallen website.