Steam Train Tours in the UK and Europe

We have an interesting variety of destinations available with our tours to mainland Europe. Each year we provide an ever changing programme of tours and those with the same title will have a different itinerary and range of activities. Completely new tours include - Lucerne & the Swiss Alps; Narrow Gauge Railways of the Peloponnese (Greece); Steam in Northern Germany; Steam in the Italian Lakes and Swiss Mountains; and Trams of Eastern Germany.

Travel by steam train along ‘main lines’ is still possible in a number of European countries – but for how long? We take full advantage of this, wherever possible, by using specially chartered trains for our tour party and sometimes we travel over unusual routes rarely used by passenger trains. An interesting variety of steam locomotives representing various track gauges is included. Take advantage of these opportunities whilst they are available. The ‘twilight of steam’ may well come to an abrupt and unexpected end.

Many of our tours make use of travel through the Channel Tunnel by Eurostar train which is an experience in itself. Austria, France, Germany and Switzerland can now be reached comfortably in a days travel by train with the ever increasing network of high speed railway routes that are available.

We offer some holidays where we stay at the same hotel in one location and use this as a base for day trips mainly by train. Lucerne & the Swiss Alps (Lucerne); Swiss Bernese Oberland (Wengen); and Trams of Eastern Germany (Berlin) are examples. These are holidays that generally provide more time for relaxation and the pace is more leisurely. This provides an option that might well appeal to those who prefer not to ‘live out of a suitcase’ as required by regular changes of destination for overnight accommodation.

Switzerland figures prominently in our programme which is not surprising given that it is a magical country of mountains and lakes. Spectacular Alpine scenery abounds and we have tours that visit both the northern and southern sides of the Alps. We travel on the efficient main railway network but also sample narrow gauge main lines and mountain funicular railways.

The variety of countries visited by our tours includes Switzerland in winter (“Alpine Steam Express”); “Winter in Austria & Bohemia”; Bulgaria (“Black Sea Express”); Finland; France (“Autumn in Alsace”); “Highlights of Germany” to the Harz Mountains and Berlin; Greece (“Narrow Gauge Railways of the Peloponnese”); “Summer in Slovakia”; and “Steam in the former Yugoslavia”. This variety will ensure that there is something of interest for everyone.

Highlights of Switzerland in Winter Prices from: £1725

Monday 19th February to Sunday 25th February 2018 - 7 Days

Departure Date: 19-Feb-2018


Experience the very best of Switzerland’s most famous Alpine railways, including travel on privately chartered trains with historic rolling stock.

Tramways, Little Trains and Trolleybuses of Switzerland, Germany and France Prices from: £1685

Tuesday 20th March to Wednesday 28th March 2018 - 9 Days

Departure Date: 20-Mar-2018

Our popular springtime tram tour returns, this year with an all new programme in Western Switzerland, Southern Germany and Eastern France.

Spring in Saxony and Bohemia Prices from: £1625

Sunday 1st April to Wednesday 11th April 2018 - 11 Days

Departure Date: 01-Apr-2018

Idyllic narrow gauge railways, exhilarating main line steam locomotives and storied paddle steamers are just some of the highlights of this exciting holiday to Saxony in Eastern Germany and the neighbouring Czech Republic.